How does it work?

1. Download ArionSensor App

2. Login and choose your horse

3. Make sure your horse is groomed and dry

4. Choose where to position the sensor. On lower back, or in saddle pad

5. Use either attachment pad or clip

6. Make sure the sensor is pointing forward

7. Follow your results during training

8. Review all the data afterwards on the phone and webservice


Make sure that your horse is well groomed and dry when attaching the ArionSensor on the lower back with the one-time pad.

ArionSensor, Results on web, Time and Intensity

Increase your knowledge

ArionSensor gait definition, horsesensor

Walk, Trot and Canter

The sensor is placed on the lower back or saddle pad, and informs you about the present gait characteristic. ArionSensor keeps track on essential information and presents this to you during training.

ArionSensor velocity and stride frequency, horse data

Distance and velocity

When riding outside, we can make use of the smartphones GPS, and ArionSensor can contribute with even more usefull informtaion, such as stride distance, velocity and distance in general, as well as present your route.

ArionSensor, Left/Right Rotations

Rotation - Right/Left

In every gait, ArionSensor will tell you how many right and left handed rotations you have made. Evaluate if your training is symmetrical.

ArionSensor, Symmetry index, for injury prevention

Symmetry Index

Symmetry index has proven to be a very powerful information if you wan't to keep an eye on potential lameness injuries and know when to train different. Also Symmetry index can be used as a symmetrical parameter to train towards. So training a more symmetrical Trot is vital for higher competition grades.

ArionSensor, Stride frequency and length, Horsesensor

Stridefrequency and length

Get vizualisation of your horses stride frequency and stride length within your training session. A future release will future the possibility to choose a start and end time for visualization of these data. So it wont just be average

ArionSensor, Intensity, Horsesensor


ArionSensor presents an intensity estimate developed on the base of the accelerations your horse are affected of. On a long term basis, this can help you visualize your training effort.

ArionSensor, Transitions, Equestrian sensor


Are you using transitions in gait as a form of strength training? Then you have to keep track of many you do. In a future release we will make it possible to know which transitions are made the most.

ArionSensor, Data on your horse, Equestrian sensor

Automatic log book

Use ArionSensors as often as possible. Thereby you give youself the best case for better understandig your training, and thereby plan ahead.

Arionsensor, Training data

ArionSensor services

Knowing more

Arions functionallities contributes the objective information in interaction with your own subjective evaluation of the horse

Easy Setup

Arion has an easy setup. In completing the Arion system, the issue of easy-to-use has been one of the key items, always keeping in mind that everyone should be capable of using it. With a velcro attachment that is easy attached directly on the horses skin, it is then easy to attach the Arion leather casing


The Arion sensor is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones and communicates by bluetooth. All that is neseccary is to bring your smartphone during your riding, and you will be good to go. In situations where you do not want to bring you smartphone, we have come up with a solution for this. Therefor you will be able to attach the sensor, turn it on without the smartphone and you are good to go. All the data will be uploaded to the database the next time you connect your smartphone to the sensor.


Using Arion, you can quickly share your training sessions with others. This can improve your coachs' overview of not just one, but many horses at once.

Focus on the horse

Throughout the process of creating the Arion system, a non invasive and easy setup approach has been taken,to minimize any uncomfortable situations for the horse. Thereby creating a product which wont harm the horse in any way.


Data is collected in real time, giving instant feedback on the current training. Data is presented in the most intuitive way, making all of the calculations working in the background so you dont have to decipher all of the data. All your data will be present at your web profile, and latest data will always be present on your smartphone for easy acces and comparison between latest rides.


No human are the same. The same thing goes with horses. Every horse has its unique anatomy, creating a different kinematic pattern. Therefor we have testet a lot of horses to cover every different style. By using the Arion system, you will also be contributing to a large database of kinematical behavior patterns, where we can compare your horses unique features with somewhat similar horses.


Tracks your movement on 6 axes

Tracks your movement 50 times pr. second

Connects by Bluetooth


Minimum 5 hours of continouos streaming

Comes with magnetic USB charger

Mobile application

Android 5.0 or later

Apple IOS 8.0 or Later


Easy to understand

In depth data analysis