How to get started

Download ArionSensor for iPhone or Android

Arionsensor heste sensor Login Page

Create account, insert all information

Arionsensor heste sensor Login Page

Create horse. You can have more than one horse.

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Go to Stable and choose your horse

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Press Menu, and thereafter Training to connect to sensor

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Choose your sensor position

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Press start button to start your session

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Check results during your session. You can lock and open your phone whenever

Arionsensor equestrian performance

After pressing Stop, the data are synced to History through our database.

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Position your sensor

On the lower back. Place the sensor with the following attachment pads. From this position, the best data comes, and from this position we can calculate the symmetry index. Make sure the sensor is positioned on the top point, and in the middle of the horse. And make sure that the sensor is pointing forward

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Arionsensor equestrian performance
Arionsensor equestrian performance

On your saddle pad with the following clip-on solution. When the sensor is positioned here we cannot calculate the symmetry index. Make sure that the sensor is pointing forward.

Arionsensor equestrian performance

Get answers to all your questions here.

Frequently asked questions

What is ArionSensor?

  • ArionSensor is the new way to optimize your performance on the horse. An easy way to keep track of your training and be more informative about your training.

  • Basically ArionSensor is a sensor you attach on your horse (attachment material is included in package), and an app to connect and transfor data and information to and from your smartphone

  • ArionSensor will keep track of your training as you perform your scheduled workout.

  • ArionSensor automaticcaly detects your horses gait characteristics, and present you with a lot of usefull information needed to become even better at riding.

What kind of smartphones works?

  • ArionSensor support iOS 8.0 and above on iPhones

  • And Android 4.4 and above

  • Windows phones are not yet in the scope of developing

I can´t find the sensor on the phones bluetooth list. What to do?

  • Make sure your sensor is fully charged. It takes apprx. 2½ hours of charging if the sensor was fully depleted. We are working on a way todisplay this in the app and on the sensor while charging.

  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on (On Android devices, the bluetooth should automatically start when you press "Training" in the menu list on the app)

  • Try waiting for 20 seconds. It may take a while to locate the sensor

  • Has another phone been connected to the sensor earlier? If so, then maybe this phone did not stop the recording properly, or the App somehow crashed. If this happens, then sometimes, the sensor "remember" that phone, and has problems connecting to a new phone.
    To solve this problem, please re-connect with the former phone, and disconnect properly, by logging out.

  • If this was´nt the issue, please try and turning off your bluetooht and restart it afterwards.

  • If your are still having problems connecting to the sensor, the send us an email.

How many horses can I register?

  • At the moment we do not have a max limit of horses you can register on your profile account.

Can I share my sensor?

  • ArionSensor does not distinguish between owners. All you need is an account and a horse profile, and you are ready to connect to any random ArionSensor

  • It is not possible yet, to have the same horse within two different accounts. When creating a horse, the app automatically creates an ID for this horse. Therefore another account cannot own this ID as well.

I own a stable, how do we share one profile account?

  • If you are a stable owner, and you wish to keep track all your horses, you just have to make one account, being the Stable account.

  • Everyone of your stable workers can acces this account at the same time if you have more than one sensor.

  • This makes it easier for you to control which horses you have in the stable

  • Doing this though, you cannot distinguish automatically which rider actually rode the horse on different dates. Make sure to note this in the app after each training session.

What information do I recieve from the sensor?

  • Please go to the Product page or Results page