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Performance optimization

Preventing injuries

About NRKsensors ApS

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NRKsensors ApS was founded in april 2015, with the vision of contributing to performance optimization, training improvements and injury prevention within equstrian sports.

We are collaborating with multiple amateurs and elite equstrians together with Team Denmark (An elite community). This contributes to the development of the best and most usable system that will give you opportunities to improve yourself and your horse.

Our vision is to bring the equstrian sport up to a higher level with the help of a better overview on your horses activities

Our contribution is a way, in which the horse can bring you information besides your own subjective feeling.

Who are we?

Nils Hjælm Kristensen

Nils Hjælm Kristensen

MSc, Sportstechnology, Co-Founder NRKsensors ApS

I love to make things smarter!

Rene Borup Jensen

Rene Borup Jensen

MSc, Industriel Design, Co-Founder NRKsensors ApS

I design the optimal!

Kristian Kolding Foged Ladefoged

Kristian Kolding Foged Ladefoged

MSc, Software Engineer, Co-Founder NRKsensors ApS

I code innovative!

Professional partners

We collaborate with the best

The product arises from the demand from Team Denmark regarding new products to optimize equstrian sports. After sparring, Team Denmark has contributed to ideas on development of the product.

Team Denmark has brought information within equstrian sport, and the possibilities herein, and together with a network, Team Denmark has contributed to the idea for ArionSensor.

Through sparring, Team Denmark and NrkSensors ApS reviewed definite values that would benefit the most common cases of equstrian sporting.

Rikke Munk, a danish veterinary with speciality within horses, from Højgaard Heste Hospital has been a great source of insight and criticism. Furthermore, Rikke has helped to identify the output data which breaks grounds for ArionSensor, and provided with information on how the product could be used for cases in the scientific community.